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Successful Discipleship Consultation in Rwanda

Following a successful Whole-Life Discipleship consultation held within the Diocese of Byumba, Rwanda in February 2018 and the impact across the diocese, other church leaders within Rwanda started to show an interest in the training. Faith2Share had to respond to this request very quickly as the window for creating gatherings was very limited.

Between September 24th-26th 2019 the consultation took place with 30 key leaders from different denominations in Muhanga (central Rwanda). It is a glowing testimony to the grace of God that such a consultation was able to be organised and presented in such a short period of time.

At the consultation, the scene was set for an important series of discussions concerning the principles of multiplication in discipleship. As Rwanda still has to fully heal from its dark history, it can take many years before people are able to trust again or to place themselves in a position where they can be rid of what one delegate called ‘impossibility mentality’. With all this in mind, the results of the consultation were astounding!

Nzitukuze Pascasie of Restoration Church of Rwanda found the courage to admit, "For a long time I contemplated to give up my ministry because I thought God doesn't care for what I do. But now, after hearing testimonies in this consultation, I have repented and told God that I will give him the best of my service"

Even the younger, emerging leaders were impacted. One university student said, "It has never crossed my mind that healing and reconciliation are the concerns of discipleship until I went through the session of "Reconciliation" in this consultation. As a young person and a growing disciple, I find the combination impressive and relevant"- Ephrem.