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Regional Fellowship Fuels India's Mission Movements

Faith2Share recently hosted a virtual Regional Fellowship Meeting to engage with and support Indian members facing challenging times, including upcoming national elections. This gathering exemplifies our commitment to facilitating collaboration that advances the Christian faith by resourcing mission agencies worldwide.

The meeting convened leading church and ministry leaders from across India's diverse regions. Despite growing government restrictions, resource shortages, and funding difficulties, the representatives celebrated encouraging stories of successful mission outreach and evangelistism, including bringing new believers to the faith. These narratives highlight not just the growth of the Christian faith but also the positive influence of collective effort and mutual support.

These virtual Regional Fellowship Meetings have long been part of Faith2Share's approach, but took on heightened importance during India's devastating Covid-19 outbreak when such support and prayer was crucial. They are now an established platform for Faith2Share to maintain vital links and mutual support with its membership, including India.

As the world's largest democracy prepares for pivotal elections, India's rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and religions faces a complex social landscape. However, the spirit of evangelization continues to thrive, with many powerful testimonies of faith within the Indian Christian community. Their resilience and unwavering gospel commitment shine brightly amidst the challenges.

With national elections on the horizon, the recent meeting highlighted the importance of united, fervent prayer support. More than sharing experiences, this gathering powerfully reminded attendees of the strength found in unified faith. Prayer, a cornerstone of Faith2Share's mission, was upheld as a profound source of solace and courage for members persevering through adversity.