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Faith2Share Prayer Campaign 16-23 April 2016

Faith2Share Prayer Campaign 2016

This is our third prayer campaign - designed to celebrate with our members, supporters and partners the global flow of prayer for mission across the Faith2Share network. We encourage you to join us here in prayer for the next eight days.

Prayer is at the heart of everything we do in Faith2Share. It is the sure foundation of mission. As we work with our members and partners around the world, every day we hear how prayer changes things – doors are suddenly opened, health is restored and lives are changed. Please join us in prayerful unity to celebrate mission across the globe.

Our prayer campaign this year coincides with the 2016 Faith2Share Leadership Consultation in Bangalore, India, from 17–22 April on the theme of Transforming Communities Together – building effective partnerships in mission leadership for global impact.

Bangalore Leadership consultation

We feel so blessed to be able to host this event, with many of our friends and colleagues attending. Like the 16 previous Leadership Consultations we have held since 2000, our focus is on learning from each other, fellowship, prayer and the leading of God's Holy Spirit as we go forward in mission. Your prayers will uphold us in this.

Prayer requests will be posted daily on:

A PDF of the entire Prayer Campaign text is available: download here

Click on the dates below for your daily prayer guide

Prayer is at the heart of everything we do in Faith2Share. It is the sure foundation of mission.

Christian Love in Action: Responding to Kenya's Flood Tragedy

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Faith in Action: A Year of Global Elections and Prayer throgh the Lens of the Cross

In 2024, the world stands on the brink of substantial political change, with national elections scheduled or expected in over 50 countries. This unprecedented wave of elections, affecting almost half of the global population, offers a unique insight into the current state of democracy. From the United Kingdom to the United States, from India to Mexico, from South Africa to Iran, the landscape of global governance is poised for transformation. During respective election periods, we support our Faith2Share membership organisations...

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